• Peter Beetham

    Peter Beetham

    Dr. Beetham has over 30 years of experience in the bio-agriculture community, with a passion for moving technology to commercial application.

  • Evelyn Smail

    Evelyn Smail

  • Naids Davies

    Naids Davies

  • Dr. Jonathan Foley

    Dr. Jonathan Foley

    Climate & environmental scientist, working on solutions. Executive Director, Project Drawdown. Personal views. GlobalEcoGuy.org

  • Tim Hammerich

    Tim Hammerich

    “Future of Agriculture” Podcast/Blog | Communications Consultant in Agriculture | Founder of AgGrad

  • Marina Martinez

    Marina Martinez

    Global sustainability researcher. Writing about the controversial relationships among People, Nature, and Economy.

  • Blockonomist Staff

    Blockonomist Staff

    Let’s visualize the way finance looks in 2050. Read our crypto stories at https://blockonomist.com/

  • Lyle Copeland

    Lyle Copeland

    Co-Founder @ Indigo & Ivy Events

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